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An adventure through life


I started playing both the guitar and piano at 13. I borrowed a guitar from my brother and played the ancient piano at my Grans’ house. I started writing songs at 15, performing at student union gigs and then at pubs and clubs. Later I performed at festivals as well as continuing to play other venues, always using my own material and sometimes joining forces with other musicians. After my children arrived I moved into recording at home, gradually adding more equipment as budget ( and understanding) allowed. Recent years have brought several battles with cancer, which I continue to win! I am now adding video to my songs, ( which can be seen on my YouTube channel ), and am currently recording in our recording studio and shooting video to add to this enterprise.


I have had the opportunity to do the thing I love, to write, to sing, to play and have people love what I do. After a lifetime as a singer/songwriter, performing at venues big and small, I’m currently working on adding videos to my music.


After recording in the studio that I own with my husband, Steve (who is engineer and producer), I am using the stunning scenery of the Welsh countryside to create striking settings for the music videos for the songs.



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